Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gemini Flight and An Odd-Looking Couple Called Sonny & Cher

From My Journal
June 3, 1965

I'm watching the Gemini space craft flight live on TV.  Just a minute ago Ed White stepped out into space, the first American to do so.  This is really exciting!  It makes me nervous because no matter how smart the scientists are, they can't know for sure what's going to happen.  Just think how White must feel floating in that vacuum of space!  

He just said, "It looks great."

I keep expecting one of them to start screaming, "Let me out of this thing!  I can't take it any longer!"  I guess they're trained for this sort of thing, but I can't help but feel that something is going to go wrong on this flight.  I'm praying it doesn't!  

He's back on the spacecraft now, thank heavens!   Guess I'll turn off the TV and listen to some music.

So far today I've vacuumed and dusted every room in the house, cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, mopped and waxed the kitchen, bathroom and entry floors.  I've been kind of restless lately.  I want to get out and do things, go somewhere besides Tupperware parties and coffee klatches!  I've thought about going back to work, but here I am with my feet on the coffee table sipping a cup of hot tea. 

Oh, I shouldn't be thinking that way!  I should consider myself lucky that I don't have to work, like Agnes and Judy.  Besides, I can't bear the thought of leaving my precious little Suzanne with a babysitter and missing out on all the cute things she does.

Can't believe she is 21 months old.  She's learning to count, now.  And she's talking all the time, saying, "I love you, Mommie," "Daddy's gone in the car," etc.  Today she saw the neighbor's dog in the yard and said, "Look at that dog!  Oh, Mommie, look at that dog!"  Right now, she's doing her favorite thing:  piling up blocks.  She has piled up fourteen so far.  "Just look!" she said just now, clapping her hands.

I Got You Babe is playing on the radio.  I love that song!  It's sung by an odd-looking couple called Sonny and Cher. 

Sonny is shorter than Cher and not good looking at all.  Cher always wears pants.  She says she will NEVER wear a dress! 

Joyce Moreland just called and invited me to a Tupperware party.  But I am NOT going!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Means Hot Cocoa & Vegetable Soup

My thoughts always drift back to my childhood when I'm sick.

First, Mother would press her cheek against my forehead to check my temperature, and then she would give me a big hug and say, "Oh, Brenda Gail, bless your heart.  I'll bet some hot cocoa and vegetable soup would make you feel better."

Mother's hot cocoa was smooth and creamy with just the right amounts of cocoa and sugar.  It tasted very rich; I think she added a little evaporated milk. 

To make her vegetable soup, she started with chopped onions, tomatoes and potatoes, adding whatever vegetables she had on hand:  carrots, celery, corn, peas, sometimes green beans.  She seasoned it with salt and lots of black pepper and set it on the back burner to simmer. 

I've never been able to duplicate it.

For about a week, now, I've been nursing a sore throat and a head cold.  I phoned Mother last night, and when I told her I was sick she said what I knew she would say:  "Oh, Brenda Gail, bless your heart."

And if I were there now, I have no doubt she would offer to make me some hot cocoa and vegetable soup.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Divine Inspiration

There never was a great soul
that did not have some divine inspiration.

~Marcus T. Cicero~
All words and pictures © 2008 Brenda G. Wooley