Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm back, and I got POWER!

After living through the biggest ice storm ever to hit the state of Kentucky, I'm back. And I'm just so glad to be here!
Our power came back on at noon today, after 13 days in the dark and two and a half days without heat. We could find no generators, kerosene heaters, or kerosene within 100 miles of Paducah and no motel rooms anywhere. On the third day, our wonderful neighbors, Fred and Yvonne, loaned us a kerosene heater, and Suzanne drove up I-24 until she found kerosene. About a hundred miles away. At Mt. Vernon, IL. (I didn't know she had gone; she didn't call me until she was well on her way.) And she was able to find a generator about five or six days ago, which she shared with us. (She lives next door.) So we had one light and TV for the last five days of this ordeal, and it saved our sanity. (My little girl is a real trooper!)
I took a few pictures...

Looks romantic, doesn't it? But romance was not on our minds. When this picture was taken, Bill and I were wearing our coats, gloves, and I had on my knitted hat. (It wasn't a pretty picture!)

Mornings found us hovering around the heater, waiting for our coffee water to heat up.

We soon grew tired of running to restaurants for breakfast, so we decided to dine in.

I had to brown the biscuits on both sides. And I found I like'em better that way.

As you can see, Tallulah, Dudley and FurGirl were all just about as depressed as we were.

Especially FurGirl. I heard her muttering to herself: Those two little toots are driving me stark, raving mad!

Anyway, I'll be posting regularly from here on in. Unless another ice storm hits us. If it does? Well, I'll probably pull my hair out. It has already turned gray.


Suzanne said...

GREAT photo of FurGirl!

C.S. said...

So sorry to hear about your weather, and especially the loss of power. It's always amazing just how difficult life is without power; I've had to endure relatively short periods in the "dark" but nothing compared to what you've just been through. Gives a whole new meaning to generators and kerosene heat!

Dudley looks as bored as my doxie, Oscar, would in such a situation!

Glad to know you all survived and are well.

Rhonda said...

My cousin in Owensboro got power yesterday! I feel for you, what an ordeal. We were really lucky compared to your area.

Glad you're back!

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