Sunday, June 7, 2009

Take Me Back to the Fifties

I'm afraid I've been remiss in updating this blog for the past couple of weeks; I've been busy writing. But I promise to do better!

An old friend sent me this link (thanks, Mike!), and it brought back many pleasant memories of my school days. (Can't believe it has been that long!) Thought you might enjoy it as well:

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C.S. said...

Wow, great 50s retrospective video. I was born in 51, but remember a lot of that music -- we're a little slow on the pop culture curve here in the South. No wonder poor Waylon was messed up for so long!

Thanks for the comment on my blog; I did walk the ten miles, and was a bit surprised I did. I think the "car wrecks" left an excess of adrenaline I was still working off!

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