Monday, September 14, 2009

Kevin Skinner's Big Night

Tonight is Kevin Skinner's big night on America's Got Talent. The show begins at 7:00 p.m, and the winner will be announced during the finale on Wednesday night. So be sure to vote!
I found the following story on a fan site about the character of Kevin Skinner:

He was standing on the balcony of his second-floor hotel room in L.A., looking down the people, when a homeless man asked him if he had a shirt he would give him.
“Long sleeves or short sleeves?” Kevin said.
“Long sleeves.”
Kevin went to his closet, picked out a shirt, and threw it down to him.
Then the man asked if he had a dollar he could spare. So Kevin went inside and put some money into a small box and threw it down to him.
With tears in his eyes, the man looked up and thanked him.
"God bless you," said Kevin.
Now, that speaks volumes about the kind of man Kevin Skinner is.
If proud Kentuckians (and all of his fans throughout the U.S.) vote for him, Kevin could soon be a millionaire and have his own show in Las Vegas.
I don't think anyone deserves it more than he.


judy said...

I voted for Kevin, but I think his choice of song, and the overpowering noise of the band really hurt his chances of getting the votes. Maybe it is for the best. I got the feeling his family was not all that supportive of this venture from the lakeside video. NO smiling family surrounding him. Maybe they are right and do not want to do the Las Vegas thing. That kind of fame has ruined many a family. I do think he has built such a faithful following that with a good agent and sound advice, they can keep their wonderful way of life and sell CD's too. I'm ready to buy- country ballad stuff! He is unbeatable, and a video of him playing would be a real sell out!That they took him off YouTube is to me unexcusable. I know I have already ordered Susan Boyle's new cd based on listening over and over again to original renditions of her "I Dreamed a Dream" on YouTube. I do believe he is to America what Susan was to England- pure and unique and capable of moving us all with his talents and persona. Go Kevin- you will do great no matter how this turns out. You are an inspiration in a time of turmoil. God Bless.Judy

judy said...

Hey! Whoopee! Kevin won!! I am overjoyed. Seems lots of us did not forget the songs he sang in the beginning, and the kind of man he is. I voted by phone and internet, and obviously, there were a lot of us who felt like he was the one!!!

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