Friday, October 14, 2011


Style is knowing who you are,
what you want to say,
and not giving a damn.


Anonymous said...

Lovethis one! That was definitely my husband- One of the grandkids wrote a piece for his funeral, and she emphasized his "strong opinions" I have had many requests for her piece. She loved him dearly. I think we, young and old, long for a taste of unvarnished talk these days. Something more substantial than "The Housewives of". Or the so called "Political Debates". Yawn. Keep up the good work, Brenda. I've been licking the early wounds of widowhood and filling out endless paperwork. About every 3rd week I load up the old motorhome and the dogs and drive off to our favorite campground. I am getting quite competent at backing that thing into its proper place, with the men nearby peeking out their rv windows supervising from afar. Where the rubber meets the road though,is when it comes time to empty the holding tanks. People disappear like rich folks at tax time. As Martina McBride says, 'I do it anyway". I guess for 78, that ain't too bad! Love your stuff. Keep it up!! ((hugs)) judy

Brenda said...

And hugs to you, Judy! I know it has been hard for you since your husband passed away, but you are a strong woman and are carrying on! Thanks so much for your kind comments. And God bless.

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