Sunday, January 8, 2012

Treasure Each Moment

This morning, while gazing at this sweet photo of my daughter, Suzanne, and her granddaughter, Kamryn, I dug out more pictures from the past.  And I'm glad I did.  They reminded me of the swift passage of time and how we should treasure each moment we have with our loved ones.

Kamryn and Grammy
January, 2012

Suzanne and me
July, 1965

Grandson Chase and me
Fall, 1986

Chase and daughter Kamryn
December, 2011


DYWAB? said...

Love this!

Brenda said...

Thanks, D! :)

judy said...

Isn't it just great getting old? How else can we be so blessed with so many kids to love!!! I have 15 grandkids and 5 great grandkids. How lucky can you get!!! love, judy

Brenda said...

We are VERY blessed, Judy! :)

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