Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mr. Arthur's Story

My nonfiction piece, Fish Bones, is now online at The Cossack Review.

Mr. Arthur's story had been floating around in my head for a very long time before I finally wrote it.  Fifty-six years, to be exact.


C.A. said...

Excellent story! Really loved it. Your imagination about the affair Mr. Arthur had reminded me of a great novel: "Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail." If you haven't read it, I know you'd like it.

Brenda said...

Thanks so much, C! And thanks for the suggestion; I will certainly look for the book.

judy said...

Oh- just emailed you! Decided to take a quick look, and there is a reference to your story! I will be going to get it soon!! Talk about fast!

hugs, judy

judy said...

Read your story- just really so good- and touching. Not to speak of your imagination! Will we ever know?? It is just so true to life. i think that is what touches me most about your work. You really capture the feel of whatever you write about. Thanks so much for sharing. (((hugs))) judy

Brenda said...

And thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comments, Judy!

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