Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Swift Passage of Time

It seems like yesterday that I snapped this picture of Pitty Pat and her daughter, Cindy. But it was the summer of 1961.

And now Pitty cuddles Cindy's grandson (and her great-grandson), little Heath. Reminding me, yet again, of the swift passage of time. And how much we should treasure each day with our loved ones.

Today is a smooth white sea shell. Hold it close

and listen to the beauty of the hours.



Suzanne said...


Sandra Ree said...

So sweet!

Piddy looks very young to have a great-grandson, it must run in the family. :)

Sweet Repose said...

So very true, as I doled out some quick cash. That got me a hug...cheap payment for a fleeting moment in time, held so dear by this Grammy from her 21 year old Grandson...THANKS GRAMS...

I loved every second...

~followed you from Bubble babble~

mlh said...

A great-grandson? We should all be so lucky to live such a long and happy life. To me, she looks young in both photos.

Wonderful, Brenda! And the poem is an extra nice touch.

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