Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Another zealot wrote a letter to the editor of The Paducah Sun condemning Dusty and Adam's living arrangements, and I applaud this blogger for defending the young couple again. Heaven knows they need it.

Our young men and women are dying in wars across the globe; our economy is in chaos; the homeless are sleeping in alleys; people are dying for lack of proper medical care; thousands are losing their jobs and homes each day; corrupt politicians are running our country. And they are up in arms about a young couple's living arrangements?

The latest rant was from a Mr. Horton of Benton: If you continue to publish such articles as this you will lose many subscriptions, mine included.

Sounds like blackmail to me.

I'm happy Dusty and Adam's column is back, and I hope The Paducah Sun will ignore the few who think they can dictate what is and what is not printed in the newspaper.

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