Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well, honey, don't look!

Dusty and Adam moved to this area to work as reporters for The Paducah Sun. They began dating and soon fell in love. Shortly thereafter, they began a "he said/she said" series, chronicling their engagement, wedding arrangements, and all the things which go into planning one of the most exciting events of a couple's life. I loved the series and looked forward to it each week.

And then. It happened.

One Sunday, Dusty wrote that she and Adam were moving in together so they would be able to save money for their wedding. They would be cohabitating.

It wasn't long before a reader wrote a letter to the editor, chastising the couple and The Paducah Sun for mentioning the word "cohabitation." Although I didn't save that particular issue, his rant went something like this: "I know it goes on, but The Paducah Sun is a 'family' newspaper..."

I was appalled. Suzanne and I talked about it at length; I considered posting about it or writing a letter to the editor. But I decided against it, assuming it was a random letter from a religious zealot.

I was wrong.

Since that time, two more letters have been written to the editor, the latest of which was from Lana Pugh, of Princeton, who wrote, "I realize it's the 'thing to do' and accepted by many, but to others it is still morally offensive. Your paper dropped the ball on this one."

Dropped the ball?

The Paducah Sun has always been an informative, progressive newspaper; I have subscribed to it for 30 years. And although I don't agree with everything they publish (their political views, for instance), the paper could not be faulted for dropping the ball.

But they are dropping it now if they bow to a few.

On a business trip to Frankfort a few years ago, as I was dressing to attend a banquet, I suddenly realized I had gained weight. I was still upset when I joined a friend in the lobby.

"I looked into that big full-length mirror in my room," I said, "And I didn't like what I saw."

"Well, honey," Iwana said, "Don't look!"

So here's to the zealots: Well, don't read it!

And to Dusty and Adam: A lovely wedding, a bright future, and happiness always.


C.S. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and my writing. Always good to hear an encouraging word.

Your entry today was interesting; I've worked for our local daily newspaper off and on over ten years, and it has gradually become a conservative mouthpiece. Recently there were so many letters to the editor about a liberal syndicated columnist, the paper dropped it. That was the ONLY liberal viewpoint, so now it's just basically conservative.

I can tell you from experience, many of the editorial staff are liberal and don't like to only print conservative views. But with newspaper subscriptions falling off, print news outlets struggling to stay afloat, when subscribers threaten to cancel their subscriptions, the publishers listen. Sigh.

I've read a lot of your work, and you have great talent! Keep writing!

met said...

Great blog and I agree wholeheartedly.

Suzanne said...

Don't look Ethel....!

Brenda said...

Thanks, y'all. This young couple needs all the support they can get!

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