Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had a nice visit with Mother and Pitty Pat today. Dudley was very well-behaved; he didn't stick his nose in their faces and try to kiss them, as he usually does. (Might be because I gave him a Dingo bone; that kept him busy roaming here and there, looking for a place to hide it!)

We talked about all sorts of things; what's going on in Carlisle County (and how great it is that they now have a museum), politics (???), the flu pandemic (scary!), and music. Fifties music, in particular.

Pitty and I consider ourselves lucky to have been teenagers when Elvis, Fats, Little Richard, Jerry Lee, The Platters and numerous other rock & rollers burst on the scene. We loved them all. But we agreed there is one song which most reflects that teenage excitement, that anticipation, that "waiting-for-something-to-happen" feeling you get only once in a lifetime.

"Each time I heard that song, a feeling of euphoria swept over me," I said, "His voice seemed to be echoing everything I was thinking and feeling and what I would be thinking and feeling in the future!"

"Yes, everything," Pitty said, a faraway look in her eyes, "But I never hear it anymore"

"Me, either."

I found it on YouTube tonight:  Gone.  And as I listen to Ferlin Husky's soulful voice, I'm back in the fifties in Carlisle County, experiencing those innocent, carefree days again. And glad, so glad, that Pitty Pat and I experienced it all together.

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