Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Powers That Be

I'm afraid I've been neglecting my blog lately.
My time has been consumed with eating barbecue and chili and all that good stuff, walking it off in this crisp fall weather, reviewing books, working on stories. And worrying about Leo.
We almost lost Leo. When I flipped his switch about a week ago, he was very weak. And unresponsive.
"Billy, oh Billy, please come quick!" I said, "Leo is sick! He's sick, sick, sick!"
"Dear wife, dear wife, it could be his heart," said Bill, "Call the doctor and prepare to depart."
As we rushed through the ER, I was babbling like a nut. One doctor stopped in his tracks and began scratching his butt.
"Oh, Doctor, oh, doctor, do you think Leo will live? Do you think he's done give all he can give?"
"Mrs. Wooley, Mrs. Wooley, I have not a clue. Nurse, nurse, call in the crew!"
"I can't stop worrying; I'm fixin' to cave! Is Leo headed to an early grave?"
"It's hard to say, but we shall see. His fate rests with the powers that be."
Leo is still in the hospital at this writing, but his medical team is positive about his recovery.
It had better be soon. I'm one step away from throwing my new "Vista-ed up" laptop straight to the moon.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

3 more weeks till Windows 7 comes out and I'm getting a new Laptop!
I have nothing but frustration anymore with this 4 year old XP !

Patience-please said...

Get welll soon, poor Leo! (Thanks for the morning smile!)

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