Monday, October 12, 2009

Silas House: A Man With Soulful Eyes

I had a great weekend, the highlight of which was the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. Pitty Pat and I hopped into Suzanne's little Subaru early Saturday morning, and we sped down I-24 talking a mile a minute about all the books we would buy, the writers we would meet.
I was hoping to meet Rick Bragg, but he had already departed. I was also hoping to meet Elizabeth Berg, however, her presentation coincided with William Gay's movie (which was great!).
But we did meet Silas House.
Silas House is a young writer from Appalachia whom I came upon a couple of years ago when I was surfing the Internet looking for books by Southern writers. He wrote Clay's Quilt, A Parchment of Leaves, The Coal Tatoo. I have read them all and they are wonderful stories of family, love and loyalty, and very strong female characters.
A kind, gracious young man with soulful eyes, Silas shook our hands and smiled, more interested in talking about us than himself.
"Where y'all from?" he said.
"Paducah," we chimed.
"I've been to Paducah," he said, "And I love it, especially those beautiful murals down by the river."
I was proud to be standing alongside Silas House as Suzanne snapped our picture. He is not only a wonderful writer but a kind and compassionate human being.
I could see it all in his soulful eyes.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Hi Brenda! I used to go to SFOB every year when I lived in Nashville. I'm having lunch with Rick Bragg on Thursday, I'll tell him how sad you were to miss him!
William Gay stays away from all the "book affairs" he can!! He's a male Harper Lee! :)

met said...

When I first saw this picture of Silas, I thought he was a young TERRY. Amazing how much they favor. He looks like such a sweet person. (I haven't read any of his stuff.)

Brenda said...


Lucky you, having lunch with Rick Bragg! Yes, do tell him I was very sad to have missed him!


Silas does look like a young Terry! I hadn't noticed it before. (I miss him more as the years go by...)

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Sounds like a fun and interesting day! Great picture.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Brenda

This sounds like a wonderful event. I love Elizabeth Berg..I think I've read everything she's written, She was once an RN. I will ahve to look for Sila House's books.

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