Friday, November 21, 2008

Congratulations, Carson!

Carson, my grandson Chase, and Carson's older sister Barclay
Circa 1995

* * *

Paducah is honoring Alben W. Barkley this week on the 60th anniversary of his election as vice president of the United States. Last night the winners of the Barkley essay contest were announced, and I'm very proud to report that my great-niece, Carson Dubrock, won first place at Tilghman High School for her essay. Carson is the daughter of Christa Dubrock and granddaughter of my sister Mary Ellen.
And so today I'm thinking of Paw Paw Wilson and how proud he would have been to know his great-great granddaughter won an essay contest about his good friend, "The Veep," whom I had the honor of meeting at that picnic so long ago.
Congratulations, Carson!

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Suzanne said...

Why, Miss Muriel, I had NO IDEA! Wonderful news!!!

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