Thursday, July 2, 2009

The All-Star Special

Not long ago, Crystal Samuel and a couple of her friends went to a Waffle House in Manning, South Carolina and ordered the "All-Star Special Breakfast" (grits, sausage, toast, eggs and a waffle) to go. And then the three sat down in a booth to wait for their orders.

It wasn't long before their waitress, Yakeisha Ward, brought Crystal's, so she decided to sample it while she was waiting. But as she was nibbling at her All-Star Special, Yakeisha reappeared.

"You ordered your All-Star Special to go," she said, "So you can't eat it here."

"That's ridiculous!" Crystal said, "I'm not going to eat my All-Star Special here. I'm only eating some of it while I'm waiting for my friends to get theirs."

"Well, you can't eat it here," said Yakeisha, "You've got to leave."

"I can't believe you're making all this fuss," said Crystal, "Give us our All-Star Specials and we'll go."

"No, you've got to leave now."

Well, things got downright ugly after that. Crystal grabbed her waffle from her All-Star Special and threw it at Yakeisha. (She missed, by the way.) So what did Yakeisha do? She jumped right over that counter and started punching on Crystal. And as astonished diners looked on, Yakeisha kept punching her.

Crystal fought back, and finally got away from the crazed waitress, and then she and her friends high-tailed it out of that Waffle House. (Don't know if they took their All-Star Specials with them or not.)

You'd think that would have been the end of that. But, no, Yakeisha wasn't through with Crystal. She rushed out the door and beat a path to her own car, reached inside and grabbed a gun. And she stood right there in that parking lot and loaded it!

Naturally, Crystal and her friends were scared out of their wits by then, and wanted to get away as quickly as possible. But before they could even get their car started, Yakeisha opened their car door and jumped on Crystal and started pistol-whipping her! The gun went off, hitting Crystal in the arm, but Yakeisha kept pistol-whipping her. And when the sheriff's deputies arrived, she was still pistol-whipping her.

Yakeisha was hauled off to jail, where she was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill. So she could be cooling her heels in the slammer for a good long while. (She won't get any All-Star Specials there, I'm sure!)

Crystal was treated at a hospital and released.

I have dined at many Waffle Houses across the country (although I have never had the All-Star Special), and the waitresses have always been as nice as they could be.

But I never threw a waffle at one, either.


Patience-please said...

Well! I'm certainly enjoying the peace of my toasted oat squares and coffee in my lonesome kitchen.

I'll be extra careful not to anger the dogs! WOW!!!

(great story, well told!)

Suzanne said...

HA HA HA!!! When you tell Yakeisha your All Star Special is "to go", you'd better effing mean it!!! (While I would never condone violence, I gotta wonder how many to go All Star Specials were previously eaten in.)

Suzanne said...

PS...There's a short story here.

Suz said...

What the other Suzanne said.

DYWAB? said...

Do you remember the Waffle House on the way to Outer Banks?

Brenda said...

D: I'm trying to remember. Give me a hint. :)

DYWAB? said...

We had to go outside for a smoke since it took so long. We kept getting vacant stares from waitresses and customers! (Was about midnight.)

Brenda said...

How could I forget THAT? (It's a wonder we didn't get pistol-whipped!)

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Sounds like the Waffle House is full of action--love their pecan waffles! Happy 4th!

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