Friday, July 10, 2009

You GO, Kevin Skinner!

Kevin Skinner hails from Mayfield, Kentucky, which is only a skip and a jump from Paducah. And I was thrilled when he wowed the judges and audience of America's Got Talent with his rendition of "If Tomorrow Never Comes."
I was disgusted, though, by the judges' reactions when Kevin walked onstage...the shaking of their gleaming dyed heads, the smirky smiles, cracks about his Southern accent. And his job as a chicken catcher. (They had a ball with that one!)
"I am sick and tired of this," I said, "They are always making fun of Southerners. They think we're all ignorant, toothless hillbillies!"
"Yes," Bill said, "They do it every time."
"But no one ever complains about it"
As it turned out, I was wrong.
When I opened The Paducah Sun yesterday, there was a piece about Kevin by Adam Shull, entertainment reporter. "By the time the esteemed judges introduced Skinner to let him sing," he wrote, "I wanted to roast them in a barbecue cooker."
Fire up that barbecue cooker, Adam, I'm here to help.
And you go, Kevin. We're rootin' for you here in Paducah!


Chris said...

Hey! Don't you DARE put those gristly, chemically tanned freaks in your barbecue! It would be an insult to the truly delicious food that's supposed to come out of those things!

Seriously -- I'm a northerner, through and through, but having lived awhile in Virginia, I can tell you: the South will win over the world with its food (and drink). Some barbecue, a julep, maybe a little braised collard greens? We've got nothing that can compare to that!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kevin - you are AMAZING, your song gave me goose bumps!
Thank you for sharing your talent!
Big Smiles from the Northeast.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I don't watch that TV show but I dislike prejudices of any kind.

Brenda said...

Thanks, Chris and Niaz!

Pat: I dislike prejudices, too. (Or maybe you already guessed!)

Anonymous said...

I'm from PA and I loved everything about him, he reminds me of my kid brother. If Kevin is unemployed and needs some cash to get to Vegas, post an address for us "country folk" to send him some money!!

Odinslastchild said...

I think all southern accents are sexy....
I can't vote for Kevin with me living in Germany, but I keep my fingers crossed.

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