Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Farewell, Senator Kennedy

February 22, 1932 - August 25, 2009


Anonymous said...

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judy martin said...

This is a sad day. He was a man who made his share of mistakes, but never let it deter him from doing those things he saw as best for the country and its people. May he rest in peace.

Judy Martin

olique estefan said...

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Brenda said...

You are so right, Judy. Senator Kennedy did so much for America's working class, and he will be greatly missed.

judy said...

Watched the funeral today- and the HBO special in Kennedy's words. They are showing it on CNN. It is worth watching.

Your blog is a shelter in a storm. I live pretty much surrounded by conservative conservatives. Damn that crazy talk radio- can't believe so many buy into their divisive stuff. You are a breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work! judy

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